Time FM Online is a 24/7 Online Radio station that features live shows 365 days with guest DJs as well as broadcast from Ashanti Region, Ghana representing the best of Ghanaian Music.

Time Fm 105.3 MHz is operating from Akomadan  and reaching a wide geographical  area like Ashanti, Brong Ahafo , and part of Eastern. The innovation and introduction of Time fm could not have come at a better time viewed against the background of piled up institutions market centres .
Business activities that some times impact negatively on customers, hence the need to carry our message to the peoples.

Time FM Online is a non-profit Radio Station that play 100% Ghanaian music 24/7 and 365 days a year. Time FM Online is a music and talk broadcasting network which seeks to serve the Ghanaian in the United States and around the world with authentic music and talk programming which will be an informational broadcasting house reflecting the culture and the heritage of the people from Ghana. The programming on this Network has been designed with our audience in mind. After a resourceful research we discovered the people do crave for the authentic music and news from our country, Ghana and that is exactly what we will be offering.

Time FM Online offers superior sound quality in comparison to other Online Ghanaian Radio stations.

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